martedì 2 novembre 2010

Progress update #2: Kitchen, Dining and Office upgrade.

It is worth mentioning that our Kitchen and Dining/Office area recently received an upgrade in terms of furnishings. The upgrades consisted of the mounting of a storage cupboard/fan onto the wall area above the stove, the placement of a beautiful office desk donated by Aureliano's aunt who had no further need of it, and the placement of two standing kitchen counters with a marble top addition. The fan/cupboard and kitchen counters came from the apartment of Aureliano's parents, where the furnishings have been standing unused in a corner of the balcony for quite some time. The marble slab seen in the photos was found to be lying in the garden area. It has been thoroughly washed and is now being utilized as our gigantic chopping board. The photographs below cover the additions. 

Peppe Minniti drilling the necessary holes in the wall.
The cupboard/fan can be seen in the foreground.

Peppe and Sergie attaching the cupboard/fan
to the wall.
Ive never attached anything to a wall in my life so I
seriously didn't think it would hold. --|||||Sergie|||||

Peppe Pavone coming to say hello.

Our new upgraded dining area and office space. The donated
office desk can be seen below the window area.
Classy wall-mounted phone courtesy of Peppe Minniti.

The kitchen counters with marble top.

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