lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Two cats in two days.

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our two new energetic crew members, who arrived within a day of each other and came well equipped with fuzzy ears, long whiskers and sharp claws! Allow us to introduce to you:

Nico and Pistaccio!

  Our new orange member approached Peppe Minniti and Aureliano on the street as they were coming back from a morning jog. Exuding dangerously high levels of cuteness, he very quickly overpowered and convinced our two morning joggers that the best course of action was to take him up for adoption. A few people in the area were consulted on the subject of his owner/s, however since there were dozens of other cats in the vicinity that came daily to the same spot to be fed by generous locals, we concluded that our new friendly orange companion was most likely a stray. Our phone number was given out to the local residents so we could be reached in case the kitty was reported missing.

Peppe Minniti holding our bewildered new cat.

Back at home, Grandmother Carmelina's caretaker Nuncia was consulted about a suitable name for our new friend and recounted a story about Nico: a similar-looking cat she once lived with a long time ago, and hence our companion has come to be called Nico as well. Nico's first day at the house was relatively uneventful as he spent most of his time becoming comfortable with his new surroundings and calling out to us from a corner.

Word had spread quickly about our big new orange crew member, and the very next day we were being asked if Nico needed another furry friend to play with. The donors were Giacinto Pappalardo and Laila Tariq: two good friends of ours who have begun to visit us increasingly often, especially in times of jam sessions.

Giacinto Pappalardo playing the guitar and Laila Tariq
reclining on the couch.

Things seemed to be going smoothly with Nico's integration into the house life and so we promptly agreed to adopt Pistaccio, who came very willingly and took a quick liking to Nico and his new surroundings.

Pistaccio radiated youthful energy and with their combined courage they set off exploring the rest of the property as a formidable team.

Honestly, up until this point I wasn't so sure that two cats in two days was such a great idea.....

 .....especially since we immaculately cleaned the floor and were given some fancy carpets too. However, as I followed the cats into the garden I saw something which made my heart sing: Nico suddenly took a big poop right under a fruit tree! 

Pistaccio followed suit by fertilizing a spot on the other side of a tree which marks the edge of our closest garden bed. 

As soon as I saw this my fears quickly settled and I knew I could trust these guys. So far, their presence here has definitely been appreciated and they provide us with constant companionship, laughter and warmth. They've been here just over a week and its already hard to imagine life without this awesome duo.

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