venerdì 3 dicembre 2010

Public Announcement: Sergie's departure.

     It is with a sense of deep reminiscence that I must now make the necessary announcement of my coming departure. It has been nearly 2 months since I had been welcomed to this beautiful place, not having known what to expect and having planned initially to stay for no longer than a week. Who could have known that so much would have happened?

     As much as I adore the occasional plunge into the universe of writing, I feel as though there are not enough words in the English language to convey the myriad of experiences which have made themselves an intricate part of my life in these fleeting 2 months. This blog has received a vast amount of well-placed time and energy, and we really did try our best to help pull you into and guide you through our reality, however words and photographs alone will never be able to convey the full story of the incredible people and their challenging work which has gone on in this home. You really have to be there to experience it, and for me that was really what setting up this blog was about: to show you that what is being created here does not have to (and indeed should not) be limited to our geographical zone. Or our age group. Or our salary figures (or lack of). Everything that has occurred here can take place where you are right now, without the need for vast tracks of land, big bank accounts, expensive machinery or like-minded people. Those elements if strategically placed to maximize their beneficially interconnected functions certainly do add a whole new level of possibilities, but before any of that there are always two things which hold the central key to achieving your dream: they are your will and dedication. Everything else comes next and indeed does fall into place if you have the will to succeed and the dedication to see your goal through to the end.

     That is not to say that the work here is done. On the contrary, we are far from finished. However, I can only look and judge by the great strides which we have all made together in these 2 months, and say that we are well on our way to the planned destination. It is only a matter of time before Casa di l'Amuri blossoms into the spectacular education center that we have envisioned. 

     As for me, my experience here has only been made possible thanks to the wonderful people who have stepped into my life and in return have welcomed me into theirs. It is of no use to even attempt writing a personal thanks for each individual, as I feel that if I were to begin such a piece of writing I should not have the chance to perform any other task in my life until I am finished. The list would include not only my new closest friends, but also the merchants, fishmongers, bakers, fellow travelers, city-dwellers, performers, lounge-lizards, artisans, farmers, musicians, bus-drivers and every human being whom I have had the immense pleasure to meet on my travels here. A deep thank you from the core of my heart goes out to you all, its been an absolute blast being here.

     It is now time for me again to pick up my bags and continue my travels. My train leaves on Sunday and I shall be around until then. It should be noted that as of now this blog will no longer be maintained by me and the uploading of new images and typing of English posts will no longer be performed by me either. Those tasks are now the responsibility of the rest of the Casa di l'Amuri crew, and I'm sure they will handle things quite smoothly. 

Thank you and goodbye.

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  1. it's so hard to fill the emptiness that Sergie left here..sorry guys but is gonna take a while before the next uploading...Mama mi senti???????????