giovedì 2 dicembre 2010

Progress update #7: Site upgrade.

As you can see, the site has just received a few additions in order to make it more user-friendly to our international audience and to give it some new functionality.

A navigation bar has been added to the top of the page, which takes the user to the main page via the "Home" link, the "Welcome" button links to a page giving a quick overview of project and blog (logo courtesy of Riccardo Gangemi), and the "About us" link takes the user to the "What is Casa di l'Amuri" page (which has been translated into Italian by Aureliano).

Other posts have begun undergoing a process of translation into Italian, with our first two bilingual posts being the "What is Casa di l'Amuri" page and the "What has been done so far? Part 5" page. Credits for translation go to Aureliano and our good friend Grazia Sciuto. These two posts have been labeled as "Italiano" and "English" while the still untranslated posts have a label of just "English". On top of the toolbar located on the right-hand side of the page, a "Browse posts in:" title has been placed, below which users can see the "English" and
"Italiano" label links. Clicking the label link takes the users to the posts which are in the corresponding language.

Below the label widget, a collection of various flags can be seen. This is a newly-installed Google Translator widget which uses Google's translation software to instantly translate the entire site into over 50 different languages. Clicking on a flag translates the blog into the corresponding language and while the translations are no-where near perfection (some turn out to be quite hilarious indeed), this widget helps us get the general point of each post across while we work on solid Italian translations for the majority of our audience.

The last addition to the site is a Chatterbox widget, found just under the Blog Archive, which acts as a sort of open chat-room for all visitors to the site.

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