venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

Personal thanks #1

At this point in time it is felt necessary to mention a few of the individuals who have paid visits to Casa di l'Amuri in the past few days, seeing as their involvement and presence here has been valued and deeply appreciated.

#1: Giuseppe Pavone (Peppe Pavone)

Peppe Pavone has been a good friend of the Casa di l'Amuri crew members for many years, but only made his first appearance in the house a few days ago. He has been quickly assimilated into the project and has been cheerfully involved in the daily activities in the house almost every day ever since his initial appearance.
The recent discovery of a local school offering English lessons has coincided with Sergie's arrival in the house, providing a great opportunity for some (absolutely hilarious) English-Italian language exchange. He plans to start attending weekly classes from next Wednesday, along with the other Giuseppe (Peppe Minniti).

Apparently, his last name means "peacock". --|||||Sergie|||||

#2: Giovanni Tuccio

Giovanni has been a good friend of Aureliano for quite some time, and was invited to review the house structures based on his expertise in performing high-quality restorations on old delicate structures such as cathedrals. According to Aureliano, Giovanni has a passion for Sicilian culture and traditions which has heavily influenced his decision to remain in Sicily, even though job opportunities seem much more bountiful in other areas of the world, especially for someone of his caliber.
Upon visiting the house earlier this week, Giovanni made some very interesting observations of the house structures, noting several areas of the house which have traditional architectural significance. The related visual and textual information on these is currently being compiled and organized, and will be posted sometime in the near future.
Giovanni would like to do some work on the uncovered windowsill in the main room, so it is likely that we will see him again quite soon.
During his visit he also informed us about the existence of a rather interesting nursery in the area which we did not previously know about. --|||||Sergie|||||

3: Sasha and Ottavio

The ongoing events at Casa di l'Amuri were discussed with Sasha on 17th October, when we converged with him at a local seed-trading and sharing festival held in the town of Macchia di'Giarre. Upon hearing about the existence of the House of Love, he told us that he has lots of love to give and therefore wants to help us in our mission. He was here the next day with Ottavio, another enthusiastic individual (with whom he used to travel together in a camper van across Sicily). With their help, the walls and ceiling of the dining room was painted in under an hour.

4: Renato Basile

Renato was called upon for help by Aureliano when he uncovered the ancient window-sill in the main room, and was also asked for advice when the wooden flooring was being installed in the indigo-room. He helps run and organize events in Re Ba, an art shop/cafe and project space used to host art exhibitions and music performances in Catania. In his free time he also works on restoring a property which is quite similar to Casa di l'Amuri.

5: Daniele

Daniele is a computer science student in Catania, and creator of the Re Ba website mentioned above. He visited the Casa di l'Amuri a few days ago to discuss with Sergie the skills and computer languages necessary to learn in order to transfer this blog into a website format sometime later in the future.
He also fixed our wireless internet so that now we can surf from anywhere in the house. Wooohoo! Thanks Daniele --|||||Sergie|||||

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