venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

Progress update #1: "Indigo room" flooring

In recent days, quite a lot of spaces have been worked on in the house and the main task at hand has been to break up the developments into easily readable separate posts. To cover the developments in this fashion, we should start on the area which was being observed in the previous post: the "indigo room". At this current moment in time, the main bulk of the flooring installation job has been completed and the photos of the progress can be seen below.

At the time of writing the previous post, it was found that the floor also had irregularities which had begun to cause one side of the wooden panels to become suspended above the floor by about a centimeter. A quick make-shift solution was implemented where some leftover linoleum carpet was folded up and tucked underneath the panels to provide support and fill in some of the gap. This solution was quite likely not the best in terms of professionalism but was found to be quite effective, economical, waste-utilizing and the final result came out to be fairly presentable. No severe irregularities can be found, and all sections of the flooring react in an equal fashion when human weight is applied.

Upon completion of the flooring installation, two major observations were made. The first notable change in the space was the temperature, which (like magic) suddenly became much higher and now remains at a very cozy and comfortably warm level at all times during the day and night. The second change was noticed in the acoustics of the room, which now seem to embellish any produced sound with a rich quality of sustain and reverberation. It was agreed upon that the quality of the sound has been improved even further, providing us with an incredible opportunity to do some beautiful recording.

Future developments on the list include the construction of a multi-level platform to be placed at the entrance point of the room, which can be utilized as a shelf for the placement of shoes and periodically as an audience seating space during artistic performances.
The stage at which the flooring installation
was left at in the last post.
Peppe Minniti sitting on top of the flooring with rolled-up
linoleum to balance out the imperfections in the floor.

Aureliano using a bottle of water with an air bubble
and some paint to create a home-made level measurer,
used to confirm the insignificant change in angle of the

Sergie adding the last panel.

The finished product, with some mattresses donated by
Aureliano's aunt.

Everyone is really pleased with how this space turned out. After spending just €105 on the flooring (everything else that we needed was already lying around the property or in possession of our friends) we now have a great space to drink lots of wine, pretend to be Pavarotti and fall asleep, in that order and all in the same place too. --|||||Sergie|||||

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