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What has been done so far? Part 1

   As one of the aims of this blog is to keep you up to date with the ongoing developments in the Casa di l'Amuri, we feel that we should first cover the progress already made since the conception of the project. Work in the house had begun not more than two weeks ago, and what follows is an overview of the developments made in that time.
It should be noted in advance that most of us had very little experience with restoration and construction work in general, and so I would like to strongly encourage any reader to place suggestions and\or comments regarding how we could have done things better or differently.--|||||Sergie|||||


   The first space to receive a touch-up was the room titled for all purposes "main room",  the special features of which were noted to be the original floor tiles. We felt it imperative to preserve this original flooring and to color the walls in an unobtrusive way in order to direct the viewer's focus onto the floor tiles. The purpose of the space itself was decided to be an area where education, planning, brain-storming and general intensive thought processes could take place. For these reasons among others, the color was chosen to be a warm light-reflecting yellow. According to Aureliano, the color yellow also relates to the solar plexus chakra, which relates mentally to the governing of personal power, emotionally to the governing of expansiveness and spiritually to all matters of growth. --|||||Sergie|||||

Giuseppe in front of the entrance to main room

Some little helpers

Aureliano and Giuseppe pulling back the plastic to reveal the floor tiles

The finished product

   Another special features of the room was discovered by accident when removing some concrete from the window area. The discovery: an old slab of beige-colored stone which, we were told, found its way here from the south of Sicily and for unknown reasons was covered up with some un-sightly concrete at some point in the history of the house. It was instantly agreed upon that we should attempt to restore this beautiful old windowsill to its former glory.

   A slightly see-thru white color was also applied to the window shutters and door in order to touch up but not completley cover up their true age.

The window area before restoration begun

Closeup of the discovered original window sill

Applying lots of stuck and touching up the old stone

The finished product

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