lunedì 25 ottobre 2010

What has been done so far? Part 3

After the bathroom was completed, work started in the kitchen. A plastering metal spatula was used to remove as much of the old paint as possible from the walls and doors. The ceiling (which was quite literally falling apart) was removed and a roofing specialist was called in to help us choose some appropriate new wooden panels. We paid the guy a bit of money and he stayed with us the entire day to teach us how to install roofing. It would probably have taken much less time and effort just to have him do it, but on the other hand Giuseppe and Aureliano are now our resident experts on roofing.--|||||Sergie|||||

Some old cane was salvaged from the ceiling area during this process, which we plan to turn into good quality mulch for the garden. A stuck mixture was applied to the walls to even out the cracks and bumps. Giuseppe then repositioned the electrical wiring (he also setup all the electricity systems and things in the rooms on the first day --|||||Sergie|||||) and the walls, window-shutters, doors and door-ways were thoroughly painted.

Future developments include the salvaging of the stone slabs and kitchen counters, which are lying around the property, to create an attractive cooking environment.

Aureliano has the idea of attaching parts of an old wooden ladder to the walls to create hanging hooks and storage spaces. Should look quite cool. --|||||Sergie|||||

Before restoration: door going out to upper
terrace from kitchen

The non-existent ceiling

Giuseppe admiring the roof interior

The salvaged cane

Kitchen interior after touch-up

The finished product

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