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The Story of casa di l'Amuri

We currently know that the story of Casa di l'Amuri goes at least as far back as the 18th century. According to Carmela Caruso aka Carmelina (the grandmother of Aureliano Garozzo) the house was purchased from the previous land-owner by Carmelina's mother and her two brothers at the end of the 19th century. One of these brothers had the occupation of being the personal secretary of one of the most important bishops of the Benedictine order at the time, who was residing in Catania. This is perhaps why we see the remains of an altar in the "indigo room" of the house, which for reasons yet unknown had been covered up and hidden away inside the walls at some point during the previous century.

Possession of the house was handed down to Carmelina approximately 50 years ago. Maintenance of the housing and storage structures became increasingly difficult to perform in recent decades (Carmelina is currently 95 years old). Thus the house and adjoining garden entered the state of disrepair and untamed overgrowth which we find it in.

Upon his return from a 10 month travel journey in Australia where he worked in and learned from various well-established permaculture projects, Aureliano Garozzo was given the word and blessing of his grandmother to revive the property and turn it into the "House of Love" project.

Who the original owner of the property was remains a yet unsolved mystery, however old records are constantly being researched to take the story further.

A recent visit by an architect revealed that the style and materials used indicate with utmost certainty that the construction of the house was completed sometime around the 18th century, if not earlier.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

Apparently Carmelina sometimes talks about hidden gold in the house. Everyone seems to think that its just crazy-talk, but I'm always imagining that we'll find something :) --|||||Sergie|||||

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