domenica 24 ottobre 2010

What has been done so far? Part 2

   The next room to be worked on was the bathroom. Besides the obligatory plumbing appliances, this room had no special features. However, an unusual technique was developed by Aurelio and Giuseppe where a chunk of steel wool was applied in a circular motion to the wet blue paint on the wall, resulting in the cloud-like decorations seen in the photos below.

   Planned future developments include the re-routing of the water pipes to send water from the sink into the toilet cistern, and possibly re-direction of the shower grey-water to the garden outside. Anyone out there with plumbing experience who has any advice on how we should approach this issue, your thoughts are welcome in the comments section. Also, installation of a compost toilet system elsewhere on the property will probably negate the need to use the toilet in this space altogether, and maybe provide us with a possibility to retrofit the cistern and bowl into indoor plant pots. Any ideas what else we can do with a redundant toilet? --|||||Sergie|||||

Aureliano, Peppe Minniti and Enrico starting the
work by removing old pain and applying
some stuck.

Enrico Gambadoro (the younger brother of
Aurelio Gambadoro) came to help out.
He is a student of architecture in Catania.

Peppe Minniti and Aurelio applying some nice
blue paint

The finished product.
Wall pattern.

2 commenti:

  1. Awesome! Wish I was there to do some plumbing with y'all. :)

    Here is one of the best resources I know of on the how-to's of graywater:

    If you can, buy the book on Art's website - Create an Oasis with Graywater.

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    thank you for your kind comments, and the link to the most comprehensive website (not only on greywater but on a lot of various sustainability topics as well) that I have ever seen! Looks to be an entire library of much-needed information.
    Don't worry about the plumbing, by the time you arrive here I think there will be some much more interesting things to work with. I personally am very excited to hear that you are planning to visit us (and the rest of the crew here is too, I'm certain), knowing how much experience you have.
    Thanks again, and see you soon!